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What Is Vellum Paper Used For?

Vellum paper, with its translucent and delicate appearance, has a wide range of uses in various creative and professional fields.

Here at Gecko Paper, we offer high-quality faux vellum paper that combines the beauty of traditional vellum with modern usability.

In this article, we’ll explore what vellum paper is, its uses, and why our faux vellum paper is an excellent choice for your projects.

What Is Vellum Paper?

Vellum paper originally referred to a high-quality parchment made from calfskin.

However, in modern times, vellum paper typically refers to a smooth, translucent paper made from cellulose fibres.

Its unique semi-opaque quality makes it popular for artistic and design purposes, providing a sophisticated look and feel to various projects.

What Is Vellum Paper Used For?

Vellum paper is incredibly versatile and is used in many applications, including:

Wedding Invitations and Stationery: Its elegant appearance makes vellum paper a favourite for special event invitations and stationery.

Art and Craft Projects: Artists and crafters use vellum for tracing, overlays, and creating delicate paper art.

Architectural and Engineering Drawings: The translucency of vellum paper is ideal for creating blueprints and detailed technical drawings.

Scrapbooking: Vellum adds a unique texture and layering effect to scrapbook pages.

Printing: High-quality vellum paper can be used for printing beautiful and professional documents.

Can Vellum Paper Go through a Printer?

Most vellum paper can go through a printer, but it requires careful handling and doesn’t always produce the best results.

Our faux vellum paper at Gecko Paper is designed to be printer-friendly, making it easier for you to achieve professional-looking prints.

Here are some tips for printing on vellum:

Use a Laser Printer: Laser printers work best as the ink dries quickly and prevents smudging. You can also use inkjet printers.

Adjust Printer Settings: Set your printer to a thicker paper setting to avoid jams and ensure even printing.

Allow Time to Dry: If using an inkjet printer, allow ample drying time to avoid smudges.

Is Vellum Paper the Same as Tracing Paper?

While vellum paper and tracing paper share some similarities, they are not the same.

Both are translucent, but vellum paper typically has a higher quality and smoother finish compared to tracing paper.

Vellum is also generally thicker and more durable, making it suitable for more sophisticated projects.

Tracing paper, on the other hand, is thinner and more lightweight, mainly used for preliminary sketches and drafts.

Why Use Faux Vellum Paper?

Faux vellum paper offers all the aesthetic and functional benefits of traditional vellum without the high cost or ethical concerns associated with animal products.

Our faux vellum paper at Gecko Paper is:

High Quality: Made from premium materials, ensuring a smooth and professional finish.

Printer-Friendly: Specially designed to go through printers without issues, providing crisp and clear prints.

Versatile: Perfect for a wide range of applications, from wedding invitations to art projects and technical drawings.

Whether you’re creating beautiful invitations, delicate art, or professional documents, our high-quality, printer-friendly vellum paper is the perfect choice.

Order now and elevate your projects with the sophisticated touch of faux vellum paper!

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