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What Can You Put Waterslide Decals On? (Here are 7 Ideal Surfaces!)

Water slide decals offer a unique and creative way to personalise and enhance a wide array of items with intricate designs and vibrant graphics.

These decals can be applied to various surfaces, transforming ordinary objects into personalised treasures.

7 Types of Surfaces Perfect for Water Slide Decals


Examples: Mugs, plates, tiles

Ceramics are a prime choice for water slide decals, providing a smooth, robust surface that complements the intricate details of decal designs.

Ideal for customising kitchenware or creating unique home décor, ceramics allow decals to adhere seamlessly, especially when the items are baked or sealed post-application, ensuring the design’s longevity and resistance to wear.


Examples: Windows, vases, glassware

The inherent transparency and smoothness of glass make it an excellent canvas for water slide decals.

Whether it’s personalising drinking glasses, embellishing window panes, or decorating vases, the non-porous nature of glass ensures that decals can be applied smoothly, resulting in vibrant and clear designs that enhance the item’s aesthetic appeal.


Examples: Tumblers, model cars, metal signs

Metal surfaces offer a durable foundation for water slide decals, making them suitable for both functional items and model-building enthusiasts.

Applying decals to metal can add intricate details to model vehicles or a personalised touch to metal drinkware and signage.

Proper surface preparation is key to ensuring the decals adhere well and withstand the test of time.


Examples: Model kits, plastic containers, toys

Plastic items, particularly those with smooth surfaces, are versatile options for water slide decal applications.

They are especially popular in the modelling community, where decals can add fine details to scale models.

Plastics coated with acrylic or enamel paints provide an ideal surface for decals, allowing for customization of a wide range of items, from storage containers to children’s toys.


Examples: Wooden signs, furniture, craft projects

Wood’s natural warmth and texture offer a unique backdrop for water slide decals, especially when the surface is properly prepared.

Sanding and sealing wood create a smooth, receptive surface for decals, enabling them to adhere more effectively.

This preparation ensures that decals can be used to personalise wooden crafts, signage, or even furniture, adding a distinctive touch to handmade or store-bought items.


Examples: Personalised gifts, home décor, event decorations

Candles present an intriguing surface for water slide decals, allowing for customization with personal messages, monograms, or decorative motifs.

The smooth wax surface can successfully hold the decal, making it an elegant option for personalising gifts or creating themed decorations for events and special occasions.

Enamel and Varnished Items

Examples: Enamel pins, varnished musical instruments, coated paper

Items coated with enamel or a protective varnish layer provide a glossy, durable surface that can enhance the appearance and longevity of water slide decals.

From customising enamel pins to adding decorative elements to musical instruments or varnished paper crafts, these surfaces offer an excellent foundation for decals, contributing to the item’s aesthetic appeal while protecting the design.

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Wrapping Up

Water slide decals are a fantastic tool for personalising and enhancing a wide range of items, from everyday objects to specialised hobbyist projects.

Whether you’re looking to add a personal touch to your kitchenware, give a unique gift, or detail a model kit, water slide decals offer a versatile solution that can bring your creative visions to life on various surfaces.

With proper application and sealing, these decals can provide a durable and professional-looking finish to numerous projects.

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