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Iron-On Transfer Paper for Inkjet Printers – Order Today!


FOR DARK COLOURED FABRICS – Our opaque white heat transfer paper is crafted specifically for dark-coloured fabrics, ensuring your designs pop vividly on any dark garment.

INKJET PRINTER – Using our transfer paper is a breeze. Print your design with an inkjet printer, cut it out, and iron it onto your garment—no need to reverse the print. Our inkjet transfer paper for dark fabrics guarantees exceptional quality with every use.

PROFESSIONAL SEMI-MATT FINISH – Our blue grid transfer paper provides a professional, semi-matt, and flexible finish. Unlike many other heat transfer papers, ours ensures no plastic-like texture or awkward shine—just a subtle, semi-matt look. The images remain incredibly detailed and vibrant.

INCREDIBLE DETAIL – With our transfer paper, your designs will showcase an incredible level of detail. The flexible finish ensures that the images look natural and professional, enhancing the overall appearance of your garments.

MACHINE WASHABLE – Once your design is transferred, it’s there to stay. Our fabric transfer paper ensures that your images are machine washable at 40°C without fading or washing away, keeping them pristine wash after wash.

Any printer